Gold Package

Gold Package


Mr Craig will start the party with chart tunes to dance to and even teach some of his crazy dances.

This will then move on to the games and competitions part of the party. Mr Craig will take care of prizes for the winners in this section of the party.

Mr Craig will then present a 45 minute magic show where your child is the star. Mr Craig will present his magic funtime show with a special birthday twist. This show is full of audience participation, silly jokes and magical moments. The show comes to a conclusion with a special magical illusion which the birthday child gets to be the star of. Mr Craig takes care of all the prizes which happen as part of the show.

This Package includes all of the above 

AND Balloons for every child 

AND either party bags or magic wand packs for every child as part of the price. 

You also get a Pass the Parcel game added to the package with the parcel and all prizes provided by Mr Craig.

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